Historic Camden Meeting

Camden Meeting was established in 1795, in Camden just south of Dover, Delaware. The historic meetinghouse was built in 1805. It has been recognized on The National Register of Historic Places. Early members were abolitionists and provided shelter to runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad at great risk to themselves.Warner Mifflin and John Hunn are two such examples.

Camden Meeting was once one of several Quaker Meetings in the area. The map below is a mural at Third Haven Meeting in Easton, Maryland. This shows the early Meetings in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. By the mid 1700’s many of these other Meetings were gone.

Today the Meetings in Kent and Sussex County, Delaware (respectively) are Camden Friends Meeting and the Lewes Worship Group. And in Maryland they are: Easton (Third Haven Friends), Chestertown (Chester River Friends), and Salisbury (Wicomico River Friends). These communities make up Southern Quarter which is part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.